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immersive nostalgia


"Did you know there once was a Zoo in the heart of Tel-Aviv?"

"Did you know there once was a zoo in the heart of Tel Aviv?", This question is often repeated, by those lucky enough to remember, when passing by the Gan Ha’Ir Garden in Tel Aviv.

After years of living in the neighborhood of Gan Ha'ir in Tel Aviv and due to the often-repeated question, we decided to try to understand how lions and giraffes lived in the heart of the urban space and how it affected the residents. We began collecting memories and stories from people who visited the zoo every day by creating a dedicated Facebook group that has become a real community and by fulfilling extensive archival research. We discovered that the zoo was an unforgettable experience for the residents of the neighborhood whether because of the notorious smells, roars of the lions, or legendary personnel that were employed by the zoo.

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Using location-based Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which incorporates visual elements into the existing real-time environment, we were given the opportunity to convey to visitors a unique experience, telling in chronological order about events that happened in the city, across the country, about the animals and the most dramatic periods of the time.

Over the past year, we have collaborated with the Tel Aviv Municipality's Department of Culture and Art and we won first place at the Doc-Aviv Festival in the NEXT ! competition dedicated to new kinds of documentary creations.

The project examines both in its form and within its content the tension between old and new, combining the past with the present, the concept of memory and nostalgia, community and Israeli identity over the years.

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Our Values:

offers an alternative zoo

without cages and bars

audience encounters

past experiences & memories

delightful shared adventure

for both adults & children

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הופק בתמיכתו הנדיבה של מר. פיטר קראוס 
Produced with the generous support of Peter Kraurs.

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